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Blizzard Entertainment June 19, StarCraft II Patch 4. The Zergling, Overlord, and Roach will now alternate between their normal and upgraded forms when viewing their skins. Cradle of Death Inspired by one of the top placing entries in Rock the Cabinet, created by 'TheSkunk' Learn more about the new mission in our blog.

Alarak War Prisms now drop their cargo if they are destroyed. Kerrigan Omega Worms are now detectors. Resource Drops from Assimilation Aura can now be picked up by air units. Mutalisk range increased from 3 to 5. The Mutalisk's Vicious Glaive will now increase each Glaive's search radius from 3 to 5. It previously increased it to 4. Brood Lords will now always attack with two Broodlings, up from two with the first attack and one with each subsequent attack.

The Porous Cartilage upgrade now increases the acceleration of Brood Lords from 1. Zagara Zagara's Respawn time decreased from seconds to 60 seconds. Mass Frenzy Cooldown decreased from seconds to 90 seconds. Increases the attack and movement speed bonuses given by 1. Roaches from Infested Drop movement speed increased from 2. This upgrade now benefits Zagara's Queens, Hunter Killers, and Roaches in addition to its current functionality.

Zagara's Level 1 talent, Relentless Swarmer, now reduces the supply of Queens from 2 to 1 in addition to its current functionality. Zagara's Zergling Evasion percent chance increased from 0.

Now has the following additional functionality: Corruptors spawn 2 Scourge when killed. Corruption cooldown decreased from 45 to Corruptor damage changed from 14 20 vs Massive to 14 28 vs Armored. The Bile Launchers' Bombardment ability has been reworked.

Now constantly bombards a target area repeatedly instead of only attacking it once per command. Bile Launchers can now target areas in the fog of war. The Bile Launcher's Artillery Ducts upgrade now provides 9 additional range 22 total , up from 7 20 total.

Baneling Spawn cargo space reduced from 2 to 1. Nova Hellbat Ranger HP increased from to Hellion Ranger HP increased from to Jump Jet Assault stun duration increased from 0. Jump Jet Assault is now an autocast ability with a cooldown of 5 seconds, up from 0 seconds.

Jump Jet Assault range decreased from 6 to 3. The Marauder Commando's Magrail Munitions ability damage increased from 45 to The Covert Banshee's Rocket Barrage is reworked to be an autocast ability. Rocket Barrage range increased from 6 to 7. Rocket Barrage cooldown decreased from 60 to Nuke and Holo Decoy Cooldown Mastery bonuses increased from 1 second 30 total per point to 3 seconds per point 90 seconds total. Now increases the ability damage and absorption of Nova's primary abilities by 1.

Its location will be visible on the mini-map at all times, until destroyed Has the same stats as the Terran Missile Turret. Can be destroyed like any other building.

Must be set to Player 15 in the Editor to function properly. Added various trigger and galaxy natives to get and compare the date and time a game is being played. Weapons — Allows you to adjust weapon attack speed by percentage. Behaviors and Create Persist Effects — adjusting the executing rate of periodic effects. Co-op Reworked the way in which attack speed is applied in Co-op so that attack speed bonuses should now correctly interact with each other.

Fixed a bug where Swann's Laser Drill Mastery was reducing build times by too much. Shield Overcharge will now display on Han and Horner's Reapers when they switch modes. Mist Opportunities Removed a large number of air pathing blockers to allow air units an easier time to navigate the map.

Alarak can no longer restore Health by absorbing Kerrigan's resources drops from Assimilation Aura. Fixed a bug where canceling Orbital Strike sometimes refunded too much energy. Dehaka Player Decals will now properly follow Primal Hives when they uproot and move.

Fixed a bug where some buildings had too high box selection priority. Allies will no longer hear Tyrannozors being made. Nova Allies no longer hear Ghost and Goliath unit creation voice over.

Nova's level 15 talent now correctly allows her to become invulnerable when switching from Assault Mode to Stealth Mode. Build Missile Turret no longer displays an internal string on the Requirements field.

Raynor Calldowns now properly receive attack bonuses from Mercenary Munitions. Battlecruisers can no longer target Yamato Cannon on friendly units. Fixed a bug where Battlecruisers were able to attack both air and ground targets at the same time. Putting any points into Raynor's "Mech Attack Speed" mastery no longer causes the units from Raynor's Calldowns to lose the attack speed bonus from Raynor's Level 15 talent.

Zagara Scourge no longer bypass armor when damaging units. Fixed an issue that caused the heath value and time duration for Zagara's respawn to not be in sync. Versus Darkness Sanctuary Fixed an issue where selection circles would not appear when a unit or building was on creep on a certain doodad. Fixed an issue where enemy units could be seen across Line of Sight Blockers at certain locations. The Lurker Den will now display the correct build animation.

Units that are recalled while being detected by the Sensor Tower will no longer display their recalled location for the enemy player. Spine Crawlers and Spore Crawlers can now immediately receive move commands after they uproot instead of having to wait a brief moment. Overseers and Observers can now immediately receive move commands after they change modes instead of having to wait a brief moment. UI Fixed an issue where items that were on sale would not show the discounted price.

Try out some off-meta Legend rank decks that have been performing exceptionally well! Heroes of the Storm. Heroes Brawl of the Week, October 19, All trademarks referenced herein are the properties of their respective owners.

blizzard starcraft 2 patch

StarCraft II 4.3.2 Patch Notes

Terran, Zerg, or Protoss — the galaxy is yours to conquer. Death Fleet Cooldown Mastery Increased from -2 seconds per point to -4 seconds per point. The Wraith's Pulse Amplifier upgrade has been reworked. Jump Jet Assault range decreased from 6 to 3. Heroes Brawl of the Week, October 19, General New Co-op Commander and Announcer: Hyperion cooldown Mastery increased from -3 seconds per point to -4 seconds per point. Raynor's Advanced Optics upgrade will now apply to his Battlecruisers.

StarCraft II 4.2.4 Patch Notes

Blizzard Entertainment uses cookies and similar technologies on its websites. On Brutal difficulty 2. Lost and Found LE Adjusted the mineral configuration at certain base locations to allow Reapers to path and cliff jump without issue. By further browsing you consent to such use.

StarCraft II 4.6.0 Patch Notes

blizzard starcraft 2 patch

Stalker Damage increased from 10 14 vs armored to 13 18 vs armored. Heroes of the Storm. The Game Start and Game End voice line will now play correctly. By further browsing you consent to such use. Dragoon base range increased from 5 to 6. Try out some off-meta Legend rank decks that have been performing exceptionally well! Centurion Dark Coil now grants an additional shields for 10 seconds in addition to its current functionality. These two high-quality premium Arcade maps each offer different kinds of experiences—and when you purchase them, a share of the sales will go directly to the developers who made them.

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Blizzard starcraft 2 patch
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