Black desert online patch slow

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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Enjoy the new and improved graphical effects and redone audio. Included is the newly remastered UI. Be warned, these newly improved graphics are not for the faint of heart so strap in and get ready for an all new immersive Black Desert Online experience! Your next quest is to read the rest of the patch notes and seek the truth for yourself.

Crystal Maiden 23 Aug 1: Why all the lag and people dc'ing? It's not just people from Steam,I see the chat in your forums as well. I'm spending more time dc'ing from these little update's that your still adding today. I know this because your client is updating and has a few times today so far dc'ing others and me fromthe game. Check files adding files client updating,check files again adding files,check again-start game lag untill you dc from game,repeat.

No it's not my computer or internet,this is the only game i'm having problems with. Even WOW runs better then this mess. TheKingCorvus 22 Aug Mrpug 22 Aug 9: Wyrd 22 Aug 9: So which class should I play now after buffs?

Dark Knight or sorceress? Hellbunny88 22 Aug 9: Subscribe to RSS Feed. Share directly to my status. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames.

black desert online patch  slow

The Answer to Your Black Desert Lag

What is the red cirle with question mark inside? Want to add to the discussion? To resolve this issue, you might need a helping hand in the form of Kill Ping. How do others who have it or tried it max level in KR feel about this? Hence, you enjoy a smoother gaming experience with faster transfer of packet data and minimum Black Desert lag. Yullie thank you Yullie:

Faster Leveling up to 61: Level 56 to 60 characters will get more EXP from combat

Included is the newly remastered UI. Press O to open the quest window, make sure ALL is selected, and go in, quest should be available, not sure at low level tho. I got about 0. It is a costume released in celebration of Korean Thanksgiving, and features a White Tiger pelt. She will give you the first quest in the series, which require you giving Shakatu not her 3x g gold bars to get a permit. Ah well… ah well, I hope I can save someone else the shame. From the scorching plains of Valencia to the lush forests of Kamasylvia lies treasure, adventure and wonder. You can craft armor for the elephants in the Horse Gear Workshop which has been updated with Elephant Gear. About the rotation, the Warrior went from the pool in the north to the altar in the middle and was grinding solo. Be warned, these newly improved graphics are not for the faint of heart so strap in and get ready for an all new immersive Black Desert Online experience!

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black desert online patch  slow

Great guide as always Dulfy. Dec 9, Messages: I'm wondering if I should go to bed or not. TheKingCorvus 22 Aug Entrance was 10 mil. Mine is level 14 at The animation is exactly the same, so there aren't many videos that show the Absolute skills: I tested outside Sand Bazaar into the Red Desert but the speed did not change on entering it like the Camel does. BDOBloo Also, the warrior at cadry you mentioned, that seems kind of slow for his ap, is that in a specific rotation and was he grinding solo or in a party? So many important details that are just really hard to find or figure out on my own. They want people to keep rerolling, getting new outfits for each new character, then after two years or when people start to complain, things might change.

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Black desert online patch slow
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