Kingdom come deliverance patch

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I kinda agree that when games get to realistic. Its gets kinda boring. Because we already live in the realistic world. When playing game people wants fantasy and stuff.

People like to lie, they think we will, they think we will assimilate the power of their pc to their own value. Stupid people as always. Thanks for the upload — But I think the game needs a patch, you cant change the graphic settings, it just loads and load to no end. Actually that happens once when u change graphic settings and there is an end.

It was actually 6 minutes for me. Amazing Game better than skyrim love the story worth the money getting it with next payday. Getting 60fps on high settings with GTX I7 k all good. This game makes my computer very very loud. I feel my ti is working a bit too hard for this game. This game has very nice story lines, should buy it to support devs, this is their first production. I love this site and all the other people who contribute to making these games accessible to people who are financially struggling.

I have i5 k on 4. Anyone having issues with the spade part in homecoming quest? Btw this game is really good. Sadly it is not. The only solution so far is to rollback to 1. Just put it in the Data folder of the game folder.

Pretty much keep it there until there is a fix available. Would anyone be so kind to upload it for me? Every time I extract this update file 2. Are you seriously happy with so many patchs? I remember the time or games had no bug the day of their release.. This release is standalone updated to v1. Can we only get the new DLC link? How to install, Extract, Crack the game Requires a bit processor and operating system OS: OS bit Windows 7 or bit Windows 8 8.

All links are interchangeable, you can take different parts on different hosts and start downloading at the same time. Language can be changed in the game options. Previous post Next post. Chadd 13 February at Emanuele 13 February at Geger 13 February at Anonymous 13 February at Greg 13 February at You probably have a wrong idea what this game is.

This is not some fantasy action rpg. Juksun 20 February at And people have different taste for games. Bl4ckH4nd 22 February at William 17 October at Brunzel 13 February at RobinC 13 February at Alex 13 February at Geger 14 February at Gabe 18 February at Kygo 13 February at Hideki 14 February at SillyRabbit 14 February at Norvak 14 February at Rooster 14 February at Always 21 April at Gtx m steady fps in 4k ultra here!!!!!!

Claude Eckel 13 February at Andrew 13 February at Name 13 February at Steven 14 February at Rickert 14 February at Amazing game thanks for the upload guys! Twa 14 February at Greg 15 February at JeicamPL 15 February at KING 15 February at QGD 15 February at Tairon 15 February at Sylvain 16 February at Tairon 16 February at Thanks, i thought the two Versions would be released at the same time.

July 16 February at Gabriel 17 February at ABC 17 February at Traveler 17 February at Delerion 17 February at Yithy 17 February at Biglixix 17 February at Helvete 18 February at Klappuccino 18 February at Avalon 20 February at Avalon 21 February at Stutter 22 February at Traveler 23 February at CryBeastTamer 22 February at Yes thats true, every day a new hotfix, codex wtf?

Anon 22 February at Piggsy 22 February at Bob 28 February at NotCodex 10 March at Marcos Picoli 20 March at Simona 30 March at CryBeastTamer 26 April at Anyway, thanks pc games download and all teams behind you!

Henry 18 October at Yosh 17 October at Hey guys, thanks for the game but I have two questions: Ethan 18 October at

kingdom come deliverance patch

Kingdom Come: Deliverance's Day-One Patch Comes In At 23GB

Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss. You were born yesterday or you troll. We know that many of our fans have been asking for a more realistic and immersive version of the game and we are happy to announce that the new Hardcore Mode is now available for FREE. Think of them as permanent debuffs that will make Henry's adventure in the world of Bohemia that much more difficult! HaddockA 28 Jun 1: When you close your helmet visor, your attack lowers. The game now autosaves on completion of most of the quests. I love this site and all the other people who contribute to making these games accessible to people who are financially struggling. KING 15 February at

Kingdom Come Deliverance update 1.3: Warhorse reveals new patch notes for MAJOR release

Marcos Picoli 20 March at This is not some fantasy action rpg. Combat is more realistic in Hardcore Mode. Or quest broken. Fixed Bugs Henry's trunk in huntsman's lodge no longer has "Rob" prompt. Son Of Nitrous 19 Jun 6: Encouraging Procopius to have his tooth pulled now works even when the player has "Rocketeer" quest started. Bipolar Sloth 25 Jun 5: Rickert 14 February at Ethan 18 October at

Updates and Patch Notes

kingdom come deliverance patch

Makes aiming a bow and picking pockets and locks harder. To be fair to Warhorse, it's a relatively small studio and so doesn't have unlimited resources to throw at patches. Several helmet shadows added. Gtx m steady fps in 4k ultra here!!!!!! Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? Gabe 18 February at The game now autosaves on completion of most of the quests. Sadly it is not. Every time I extract this update file 2. Strigon 30 Jun Bipolar Sloth 25 Jun 5: Biglixix 17 February at I think your expectations a bit unrealistic. I do recomend you, check how many bugs where there in skyrim, or in ur eso on launch and now, thou smaller number. Killing executioner Hermann should no longer tank the player's reputation.

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Kingdom come deliverance patch
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