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Patch Notes Release v1. Casting a skill will now make the character cast it immediately in the targeted direction rather than forcing the character to run up to the skill's casting distance. If you prefer the classic casting mechanic, you can toggle it back in the game options. Grim Dawn controller implementation has been completely overhauled with a redesigned control scheme as well as new controller exclusive UI.

Controller skill usage as well as movement has been made to be more responsive. Steam Controller users will find a new recommended controller configuration. Non-Steam Controller users will want to reset their keybindings in game to get the new recommended keybindings.

You may want to check to make sure your Tools. All Feet have been resized to better fit legs, with improved proportions, several feet textures tweaked as well. Several textures tweaks on leg armor for improved color balance and tighter texture sharpness.

Several tweaks to misc. Two-Handed melee weapons and Dual-Ranged weapons had a slower pick-up speed than intended. Added "Ultra" shadow quality option. Fixed an issue where Forcewave would cause the game to crash in combination with certain items converting its damage. Fixed a bug with Illusions not saving properly if a character was equipped with an item they could no longer wear due to requirement changes. Devotion Reclamation will now use Aether Crystals present in the stash if none are present in the inventory.

Fixed Veteran games showing in the Steam game browser when filtering for Elite difficulty games. Fixed certain skill cooldowns not showing status icons on client computers in multiplayer. Updated UPnP detection code. Scrolling on large windows should be faster. Fixed instances where scrolling would not work on some windows.

Fixed Pet Bonuses on relics not being randomized. Fixed quest objectives being cut off in the journal. Fixed duration modifiers not displaying with some affixes. Fixed an issue attaching Acid Spray to Rune of Kalastor which would cause framerate drops. The Potion of Clarity buff can no longer be dispelled. Added missing quest resolution for keeping Hargate's Notes as opposed to giving them to Kasparov.

Take a look around the Fleshworks! Reduced infamy gained with the Beast Faction per kill. Increased infamy gained with the Outcast Faction per kill.

Adjusted the damage and healing of the Beast Nemesis, particularly in its split form. Reduced its max health. It can no longer spawn in side dungeons. Adjusted the damage and Oppression Aura of the Ashes of Malmouth Chthonian Nemesis Grava'Thul , slightly reduced the speed and duration of its homing Annihilation Orb and reduced the frequency of its charge ability.

Updated the projectile effect for the Arcane hero archetype's Dispel Bolt to be much more pronounced.

Slightly reduced its speed. Added a shortcut out of the Dermapteran Queen's Lair that leads back to the entrance of the dungeon. Added a shortcut out of Hargate's Laboratory that leads back to Hagrate's isle Added a shortcut out of the Tomb of Korvaak, following the Chthonic mini-boss that leads back outside The Wraith of Ugdenbog quest is now completed for all players, that are on the same task, in Multiplayer when a Wendigo Spirit is turned in.

Fixed an issue where Rictor's Thanks quest could become stuck if the player also previously completed The Gloomwald Stash quest. Players previously affected by this issue can unlock access to the Malmouth Stash by visiting the Sewer Hideout with the affected character. This will unlock the stash and grant you access to the chest inside.

Fixed an issue with The Gloomwald Stash quest being impossible to start if completed on another difficulty. The quest now begins from a quest item, which drops from the same area as the lore note previously did. Fixed an instance where the Fleshworks dungeon door would remain closed after destroying the vents across multiple sessions.

Fixed a case for the Barrowholm faction quests where Tyvald's quests become impossible to turn in. Players stuck with these turn-ins can speak to Tyvald to complete the quests. Fixed several Bounties providing incorrect instructions as to the location of the target, or describing an incorrect reward. Fixed an issue with the Revered Champion achievement being impossible to complete. Fixed an issue with the Unequaled Slayer and Mass Extermination achievements having their icons and descriptions flipped.

Functionally, both achievements were completable, their descriptions were just wrong. Fixed an issue with various boss-specific Monster Infrequents dropping significantly below the monster's level. Fixed an issue where the Family Matters quest reward on Ultimate difficulty would always roll the same seed.

Fixed an issue with the Mad Ramblings quest becoming impossible to complete if the player dropped Ivonda's Memory quest item and restarted the session. This fix may cause players currently on the quest to have to re-acquire the quest from Ivonda in the Steelcap District Resistance Base.

Fixed an issue with Etram Fald not being able to craft certain Legendary Shoulders was an issue in Ashes of Malmouth only Fixed an issue with the Guardian of Dreeg's summons generating no threat Ulgrim now correctly takes a break from all the fighting after The Living Factory quest and returns to the resistance base.

To address this, all light and caster armor pieces have had their armor values significantly increased. Dismantling now has a chance to generate Ashes of Malmouth rare crafting materials. Increased the overall drop rate of Ashes of Malmouth rare crafting materials from bosses and heroes. Increased drop rate of Rare items from Nemesis Troves, slightly increased drop rate of Legendary items. Increased drop rate of Rare item from Treasure Troves. The final chest in Roguelike Dungeons now always drops at least one Legendary item on Ultimate difficulty.

The chest now always attempts to drop a blueprint on all difficulties. Increased chance of dropping Legendary items from the gauntlet events in Roguelike Dungeons Ex. Common versions of Monster Infrequents have been removed from the loot pool. As some of these items had unique appearances, a special vendor has been added to Fort Ikon that sells various common Monster Infrequents without affixes for collectors and the Illusionist.

Base damage adjusted accordingly. Fixed an issue where certain affixes could not appear on items at high levels. It is now a caster dagger rather than a sword. Increased the move speed of the summoned pet. Existing items with the old crafting bonuses are unchanged. Blueprint - Adept's Dagger: Blueprint - Mythical Dawnguard Helm: Blueprint - Mythical Mask of Infernal Truth: Blueprint - Mythical Sharpshooter's Glass Eye: Blueprint - Voice of Dreeg: Legendary - Deathdealer's Sidearm: The bleed damage was causing a crash.

Legendary - Jaxxon's Lucky Bullet: This was already the case on the Mythical version. Legendary - Light's Defender Epaulets: Added 70 Elemental damage to Forcewave modifier.

Legendary - Mythical Beastcaller's Talisman: Legendary - Mythical Beacon of Winter's Veil: Epic - Empowered Witchstalker: This may have caused your assigned Celestial Powers to reset. Increased flat Attribute bonuses in all Constellations. Some new Attribute bonuses have been added to stars that previously had none, or added to stars that previously only had a bonus to one attribute. Increased their damage scaling with rank.

Spear of the Heavens Celestial Power: Increased damage scaling with rank. When dual wielding guns, now always fires with both guns Demolitionist Blast Shield: Added Vitality Decay Duration bonus, equivalent to the Bleed duration. The Sound Effects for this skill have been updated.

When dual wielding guns, now always fires with both guns. Some of this damage has been shifted to Will of the Crypt, a minimal shift when stacking both. Will of the Crypt: It now scales correctly up to rank Reduced the rate at which the skill deals damage and reduced Vitality damage scaling with rank Foul Eruption: Retrieved from " https:

grim dawn all patch

Patch Notes v1.0.3.0 (Nov 17, 2017)

Fixed a bug where mind controlled monsters awarded incorrect faction points when killed. Fixed a bug preventing totems from being cast in certain areas. If you prefer the classic casting mechanic, you can toggle it back in the game options. Increased drop rate of Rare items from Nemesis Troves, slightly increased drop rate of Legendary items. Reclaim Skill Points — The ability to pay to reclaim points alleviates the fear and frustration of having to make early, uninformed skill choices that could permanently gimp a character. Rogue-Like Dungeons — Descend into special locked challenge dungeons that require a rare crafted key, where enemy levels increase as you progress and player teleport is disabled. This site is a part of Curse, Inc.

Patch Notes

Gameplay Discussion Discuss strategies and gameplay mechanics. To support the host of new caster builds people will be creating, we're also introducing new caster oriented weapons. Blueprint - Voice of Dreeg: Fixed a bug where mind controlled monsters awarded incorrect faction points when killed. Legendary - Jaxxon's Lucky Bullet: Not sure what to write?

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grim dawn all patch

Show 12 more languages Hide 12 languages. When dual wielding guns, now always fires with both guns. Ideas and Feedback Tell us about your experience and provide feedback. Looking for community tutorials on mods? Friendly and Enemy Factions — Earn favor with human factions to unlock additional quest lines, vendor discounts and special faction-based items and augments. Forum [Tech] Fixed a bug where characters imported into the Steam cloud would be missing quest data. Fixed a bug where the server browser would sometimes display incorrect server data. Adjusted the distribution of Components to further favor armor over weapons. Can you post your system specs for more info about the problem? Developer Discussions Where developers ask questions and discuss issues with the community. There are no reviews yet. Non-Steam Controller users will want to reset their keybindings in game to get the new recommended keybindings.

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