Patched pokemon unbound rom

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The story of Pokemon Unbound sets in the historic Borrius Region. Many years ago, Borrius region fought Kalos region in a critical battle. To defeat Kalos region, Borrius region unleashed a dark force to help them fight, but unfortunately, Kalos has summoned their ultimate weapon and end up Borrius region in defeat.

The war is finally over and the dark force is now sealed to avoid future damages. Begin your adventure today, play the game and be a hero in the virtual world of Pokemon Unbound. Mega Evolution The Mega evolution is the most exciting feature that everyone loves. Introduced in Generation VI that enables a Pokemon to evolve in its mega form during a battle and become even more powerful temporarily.

Good thing the feature is now supported in Pokemon Unbound using the usual Mega evolution process. It was a shocking improvement that the has now this very interesting feature. In Pokemon Unbound, players can now gain experience after capturing a Pokemon as if you have defeated it in the battle.

All Pokemon from Generations Pokemon Unbound enable players to have a chance to encounter Pokemon from newer generations, not only the usual Pokemon from Generations 3. Pokemon also have updated moves and abilities and includes Fairy type Pokemon.

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Give PokemonCoders a Thumbs up! Comments Can Pokemon like Gastly evolve with lvl up? It already is there are new releases like this? The recent version of Pokemon Unbound was released September Until what gym can you now challenge?. As of the moment this game is half complete according to its author. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Comment Name Email Website. Footer About PokemonCoders Pokemoncoders.

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patched pokemon unbound rom

Pokemon Unbound - 2016

This is an awesome game. Walked into a cave next to first gym and game crashed now I lost my save. With that being said I hope you enjoy it! Find all posts by PrimalGroudon. Edited November 9th, by golche. Originally Posted by Quinhas This hack seems really really cool If I can I would love to be beta tester aswell please. Knuckle San September 23, at 8:

No account? No worries.

Whenever I'd try to play the game, it always lags when I play it. D i'm asking cause it is a very good hack and i can't wait!!! Mega Evolution is present in the game, but I don't think you do so in the current alpha. Knuckle San May 18, at 6: No, this is just a demo. Knuckle San April 13, at 5: Also, can I join the beta? Good luck with this! The complete version will take some time.

Pokemon Unbound

patched pokemon unbound rom

New patch has a block near the end of volcano cave f2 heading down the stairs. Salts, how were you able to reset to the title screen on gpemu? Also, are you playing the latest version? Are you able to reset to the title screen? Knuckle San September 14, at 9: Knuckle San May 18, at 6: Knuckle San October 20, at 8: With the war over, the dark force was sealed away never to be used again. Find threads started by Kostas.

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Patched pokemon unbound rom
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