Oracle 11.2 0.4 patch

Oracle 11.2 0.4 patch - Free Download

As soon as it enters "paid extended support" you'll have to tell Oracle that you want to purchase this offer. I'm just not seeing it here: And if you branch from MOS Note: Updates, fixes, security alerts, data fixes, and critical patch updates.

Hi Mike , We have What kind of Oracle Support we have? Oracle Support will help and assist you, you'll get access to all patches, PSUs etc build until end of bug fixing support for But since August 28 this year no bugs will be fixed for What brings you to the idea that the Extended Support - which is available for extra Charge only - will be for free? See the table in MOS Note If we don't upgrade to Oracle 12, what happens when free extended support ends in May?

What happens when free extended support ends in May? If you don't signal before May to Oracle that you want to purchase Extended Support you'll fall automatically into Sustaining Support. You can purchase Extended Support later on for a full year period as far as I know - if you are interested please double-check with your Oracle sales rep if you experience the need for an extension.

Otherwise you'll get access after Waived Extended Support has ended to all fixes produced in the period of Premier and Waived Extended Support. But not to patches produced after that period. So I want to know till what date our customers can use Oracle 11g with our application, post which they can consider upgrading to 12c.

This is treated under Oracle's Lifetime Support Policy. So from this perspective there's no push. But you need to be aware and your customers as well of course that access to patches and PSUs including security fixes!!!

What is the new legal version to use for testing? If I am a database abstraction library developer, 11g express edition was useful to install on a dev VM, turn it on for a few hours, then forget about it for a few months.

I am looking to bring up certain open source libraries up to speed with 12c new features so I do not have a reason to purchase even personal developer license.

I regularly purchase licenses for software I use, not trying to be cheap, but since I am not even writing an application for personal use where it would be reasonable to spend about for it, the VM will be there just for running some unit tests then switched to different vendor, what is my option? I see all your points but right now I don't have an ideal solution for you.

I have Oracle Will I benefit from the extended support till May ? The Extended Support fee has been waived for the period of February - May During this period, you will receive Extended Support during these periods as described in the Oracle Technical Support Levels section below.

And the Support brochure is pointing to it for more details. I understand that the Support brochure could be phrased more precise but they've had added the link to the MOS note years ago based on my request.

And actually, from a database standpoint, I wonder how long you run without fixes. There are no security fixes for You'll be even in more trouble as the minimum release to upgrade to So you'll have to patch anyways in order to move forward.

May I suggest that you start your upgrade testing to Oracle Hello Mike, I have this document from Oracle you mention, and again the changed the Waived period. Did you know that? The Extended Support fee has been waived for the period of February - December Release Dates Oracle Database But I think this was graphically not obvious so I have done other changes strikethrough and added the link below as well.

I've had an interesting discussion today. Somebody removed OLAP with chopt - and got issues afterwards. This blog post is an addition to: Upgrade your Database - NOW! Archived Database Upgrade Blog. Best Practice October 17, Mike Dietrich Master Product Manager. This information can be found here: Oracle Software Technical Support Policies http: Oracle Lifetime Support Policy http: Sustaining Support column cut off as it is always infinite for these releases.

There's no bug fixing support for Oracle Database But you'll still get Sustaining Support until you'll stop working on the release.

Premier Support for Oracle Database For Oracle Database This information can be found in MOS Note: Commenting is closed on this post. Is there any action required in order to get 'free' extended support? Peter, just a valid support contract - no further action required. Actually please check the above MOS Note: Updates, fixes, security alerts, data fixes, and critical patch updates Cheers Mike. Kais, you have Sustaining Support meaning: Hi Mike, we are fighting to migrate all our Oracle db's worldwide to Stephan, not sure about your question - did you read the blog post above?

Hi Mike, Good to know that extended support free is waved until May Hi Sem, What happens when free extended support ends in May? How much of this info still holds good, I mean for Oracle 11g Mahi, your customers can use 11g as long as they want.

Hi, I have Oracle Hm, I don't understand your question entirely. I wonder if you read the blog post above? Just saying ;- You'll be even in more trouble as the minimum release to upgrade to Quote Oracle Database 11gR2: Unquote Does this mean extended support for 11gR2 has further been waived until Dec ?

Sorry for the inconvenience. Best Practice Upgrade to Oracle Database Best Practice Remove components from the Oracle kernel with chopt I've had an interesting discussion today.

oracle 11.2 0.4 patch

Oracle Patchset released

How to run this script? Go to original post. Oracle Communications Application Session Controller. Oracle Fusion Middleware, versions Oracle Agile Engineering Data Management, versions 6.

Archived Database Upgrade Blog

My Belgium friend Phillipe Fierens raised a great question on Twitter last week and dropped me an email again after having a discussion with his client:. This vulnerability is not remotely exploitable without authentication, i. To my knowledge, Oracle 10g is no longer provided as an option to download and you will have to open a service request or contact an Oracle sales rep. Oracle strongly recommends that customers apply security fixes as soon as possible. Oracle Retail Predictive Application Server, version s Please follow the below steps.

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oracle 11.2 0.4 patch

Please review the Technical Support Policies for further guidelines regarding support policies and phases of support. And unfortunately not all changes make it into the new features guide, especially when we talk about changes with the optimizer or parallel or SPM Affected Products and Components Security vulnerabilities addressed by this Critical Patch Update affect the products listed in the categories below. Thanks for this post, it is very much useful when i look for link to download Until you apply the Critical Patch Update fixes, it may be possible to reduce the risk of successful attack by blocking network protocols required by an attack. Arun, sorry to insist but I speak explicitly about upgrade since we deliver all patch sets as a full release - i. Until you apply the CPU fixes, it may be possible to reduce the risk of successful attack by blocking network protocols required by an attack. If possible, could you please help me to solve it? BTW, it is really nothing but an evaluation report. Please click on the link in the Patch Availability column below to access the documentation for patch availability information and installation instructions. Home Skip to Content Skip to Search. None of these vulnerabilities may be remotely exploitable without authentication, i. Risk matrices list only security vulnerabilities that are newly fixed by the patches associated with this advisory.

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